Last day for your guess on the numbers for three bottles of Vino. Email with guesses:

002 16 41 S 079 54 42 W, 7069, 198.5


The temperature is finally cooling down as we head further south!


It is Monday and we are currently docked in Guayaquil, Ecuador and spent Saturday in Manta, Ecuador. Holland did not allow anyone off the ship yesterday (Ecuador had its presidential election yesterday) and violence in Ecuador has been a significant problem. Sue and I decided not to leave the ship today and will wait for our first stop in Peru. (I think we needed some rest, too.)


The fishing boats were unloading their catch when we arrived in Manta this last Saturday. We watched Yellow Fin tuna being unloaded and fresh tuna was served as one of our dinner entrees. (Our kids would have loved to have eaten some of the fresh tuna sushi.) It was sea to plate and was delicious, cooked.

We took a half day tour in Manta including a facility drying the Touga nut, which is used in the crafting of jewelry. (It is soft when picked and hardens to a material resembling ivory.)

We are getting excited for our Machu Picchu visit. We will leave the ship and fly from Callao, Peru to Cusco, Peru and take a train to Machu Pichu.


Best Wishes!