Cruise Days 31-36

8, 8314, 12063

We made it through the Drake passage and have spent a couple of days cruising in the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. Beautiful!

We did get into a snowstorm last night and it was fun to watch the staff (many who have never seen snow) make snow angels out by the pool.

The outpost pictured, is a Chilean Antarctic research facility. They have a penguin colony that has taken up residency with them.

During the day, several Snowy Sheathbills took over the pool. This is one friendly bird.

Antarctica has been incredible and we feel quite fortunate to have gotten some sunshine during our cruising in this part of the world.

Our cruise will be ending next week when we take a couple of long flights home. (It will take us 25 hours to get home.) We have had a fantastic cruise!

Best wishes!