Cruise Days 40 to Home

8, 9970, 22,358


We cruised to Montevideo in Uruguay and then to Buenos Aires to end our trip. Our entire cruise was spectacular (Antarctica was stunning) and we have the highest praise for Holland America.


We toured a winery in Montevideo which included a spirited dance and delicious lunch (plenty of meat).



Our tour guide in Buenos Aires was great and openly shared her opinion of Argentinians not having a choice between their two presidential candidates. Interesting. Milei won, which was more of an event for Sue and I, having learned some about the two candidates.



No one was able to decipher my cryptic numbers! 8 was the countries visited, 9970 was the number of pictures taken (Yikes, thank goodness things are now digital) and 22,538 was the total number of miles we traveled including our flights out to Fort Lauderdale.


Our cruise ship neighbors got their stateroom door toilet papered. (I wonder who did this.) They are correct that it is generally, a display of friendship. It was interesting to hear the stewards discussing this handywork, wondering if our neighbors had done this themselves.


Sue and me are still trying to recover from our trip home. Not sure how some of the older cruisers manage but they are inspirational! Our return was 17 hours of flight time and 30 hours or so, of overall time (not the best connections). It is hard to believe, many stayed on the ship for an additional 30 days to complete a round trip. It would though, have eliminated the long international flight.


We would highly recommend this cruise! We met many people and made new friends, the sites continued to top each other and Holland was excellent. I intend to send the captain some great Washington State wine, if I can track him down.


Best wishes!