Cruise Days 22-25

6, 5342, 9541


We visited Isla Robinson Crusoe (photo above). What a beautiful island. A tender was required as the ship needed to anchor in the bay.


The bay was calm and we welcomed the smooth water after three days of 8-17′ foot seas. Walking could be difficult these last three days, even on this big ship.


We took a short hike up to some caves on Isla Robinson Crusoe and then walked around town. To Sue and me, Chile has a special beauty.


We cruised from Isla Robinson Crusoe to Castro, Chile through the Chilean Fjord. We encountered a very low tide in Castro which affected the tender schedule. While walking in Castro, a tsunami alert alarm test went off. It really surprised us. We also visited a church on Castro.


We continue to see very unusual birds (thanks to sister-in-law Nancy, we have quite an interest).








We left Castro last night and cruised through the Chilean Fjords back to the Pacific Ocean. This area was stunning, reminding us of the San Juan Islands. We also got our first look of the Andes.


Tomorrow we will cruise by either Amalia or the Brujo Glacier (depending upon ice conditions). It has definitely turned colder. Our weather forecast includes the possibility of some snow. We also cruise through the Straight of Magellan, tomorrow.


Best wishes!