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Sue is out on an excursion to the Elqui Valley here in Chile and will also taste some Pisco. (I have received a text from Sue that we have another liquor to try in our Advent Holiday drinks.)

Pisco Distillery – Photo by Sue Anne


I am staying back in our room under quarantine. Unfortunately, a number of people on our Machu Picchu excursion got food poisoning and my number came up. The last couple of days, two at sea, have been kind of a blur. Much better today.


A 40 day cruise is a long cruise, but going fast. Ours is half over. Hard to believe. We hear there are some cruises up to 185 days….Yowza. (Katie has suggested we might want to consider one of these long cruises.)


One of our neighbors is also on this cruise. Susan has been nice to share part of our cruise with and she has offered (she is a 4-star Mariner on Holland) some advice including the pivot. When in the buffet lines, before moving in a certain direction, pivot on your feet. Brilliant! She is a very nice lady.


We went to one of the specialty restaurants a Tamarind Pop Up restaurant on the ship for some great Asian food. Our waiter was from Chile and shared with us he had learned to write and speak the Chinese language while he could not work, because of Covid. We have a lot of hard-working competition in this world.


Meeting people on the cruise has been really fun. I conversed with a former Alcoa exec and patent attorney. He now teaches ethics and industrial safety throughout the world. I made notes of many of the stories he shared. Amazing stories and such a nice man!


It is Saturday (Thank goodness for the mats in the elevators),

and we are enroute to the Robinson Crusoe Island. (The elevators are very helpful in day determination.) We are encountering somewhat higher seas today (swells to 17′) and laughing at ourselves as we try to walk.


Yesterday, we traveled to the Matetic Winery outside of San Antonio, Chile. It was a great winery and their Pinot Noir was delicious.


Best wishes!