5, 4494, 7054


Another set of numbers! Three different sets, separated by coma. 3 bottles of wine each for the first friend and family member to correctly identify. Send guesses by email. (Congrats again to Lindsey Fisher and an extra bottle of vino will go to her for the y.)


We have returned to our ship from our Machu Picchu excursion. It was simply stunning to see this wonder of the world. We left the ship by bus to the Lima airport and flew to Cusco (the landing in wind, curling through the mountains was outstanding) and were picked up by bus for a tour of Cusco. The night light photo was of Cusco from our hotel.


The next day was quite the adventure just getting to Machu Picchu. Bus, train, bus both ways including a mountain road that would have given most drivers, white knuckles.


We are at sea now cruising to La Serena, Chile. We are experiencing light to moderate seas, with swells to 10′. We are really enjoying ourselves and, so far, are getting our sea legs.


Best wishes!