Congrats to Lyndsey Fisher for correctly naming the three different sets of numbers! There were quite a few guesses, some with a little humor.


The numbers represented our coordinates, state room number and my weight. (You might have noticed the latter has been increasing with a little extra vino and great food.) One day I weighed, in somewhat rough water, and my weight ranged from 195 – 222 as my weight shifted on the scale with the wave motion on the ship.


We stayed on the ship for our last day in Ecuador and were delighted to find some excellent bird watching on a nearby river estuary. Our sea day yesterday included a very special treat with some whale sightings and a very playful pod of dolphins.


We just returned to the ship today from a tour of Trujillo, Peru which included the Chan Chan Citadel. This ancient city is being unearthed and is the largest adobe city ever.


Tomorrow is a sea day as we cruise to Lima. We leave the ship at Lima to fly to Cusco, Peru and will take a train and then a bus to Machu Picchu. We rejoin the ship at General San Martin and will then cruise to Coquimbo, Chile.


I will try to update my blog, upon return to the ship, Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.


Best wishes!