004 19 25 N 079 43 50 W, 7069, 198

The set of numbers above pertain to three things. First family member and first friend to identify what these numbers pertain to each get 3 bottles of wine. Send your guesses to me by email. 

We are at open sea now on our way to Manta, Ecuador. There is some political unrest in Ecuador (seems like there is political unrest everywhere) and the cruise line Holland is restricting travel into Guayaquil on one of our days.

There are about 5′ seas as we have entered the Pacific Ocean. We will pass the equator today and check to see how our toilet flushes.

The last two days were really amazing! The rain forest in Costa Rica was spectacular (neither Sue nor I noticed the zip lining portion of this excursion) and we crossed the Panama Canal yesterday. What a world wonder and amazing engineering and work feat this canal is. Unbelievable!

There were a very large number of boats waiting on both sides of the canal as low rainfall is limiting the number of crossings.


Best Wishes!