The Presidential Debate & Other Musings

There is an old Bullwinkle cartoon where bad guy Borris Badinoff  developed something called Goof Gas which causes people to behave in a silly and foolish manner. In the show Goof Gas Attack, Borris went to Washington DC to use the gas on Congress to disrupt government and cause chaos, but after watching Congress in action told his wife Natasha…..”let’s go, someone already took care of it for us”.

This same gas surely must have been used on our two Presidential candidates, prior to this last week’s debate. The debate between these two candidates is an embarrassment for America. This debate (watching it was sickening) reminded me of the scene from the movie Grumpy Old Men where Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon get in a scuffle while going out to ice fish. After a little wrestling around, the two forgot what started the scuffle. Their debate though, did get serious at one time with a spirited discussion about their golf handicaps. Oh my…..

I am no fan of former President Trump. I told my wife, last year, that a viable Republican nominee for President other than Donald Trump, would save me both time and money. If former President Trump was the Republican candidate, I would do what I legally could do to keep him from getting elected to another term.

What makes things difficult is President Biden does not appear to be a qualified candidate either. These are our two choices? It’s time for democrats to make a change in their 2024 Presidential candidate. Please, PLEASE democrats, bring forward a Presidential candidate that is young, smart, honest, charismatic, and a visionary leader, for this upcoming election. America deserves better than an old, polarizing, truth-distorting convicted felon or an older, long-term politician with a slipping memory.

My total dislike for former President Trump is based upon many issues, one going back to the early 90’s where big banks rescued his business and put him on a personal budget. There have been subsequent Trump related bankruptcies, not the experience you want in someone overseeing a country 34 trillion in debt, growing 8.5 billion per day. Former President Trump had his chance to cut America’s debt and despite his word, US debt went up 7.8 trillion on his watch.

Former President Trump spouted a litany of lies or grossly inaccurate information during this last debate. CNN moderators appeared oblivious in their moderation of this free-for-all (maybe they got some of the Goof Gas too?). The former President called President Biden a Palestinian, stated that President Biden encouraged Russia to invade Ukraine, blamed Nancy Pelosi for the January 6th insurrection, shared he has never seen anyone lie like President Biden and that President Biden wanted to raise taxes by 4 times. What came out of this man’s mouth was amazing; at best distorted and grossly inaccurate and at worst outright lies. I would guess he sometimes does not even know what’s coming out of his own mouth.

Hypocrisy seems to also be a trait of the former President. You likely have heard the former President ask us all to buy American, manufacture in America and use American services. Do you wonder why he has significant bank loans with a German bank? 

My biggest gripes with the former President are his continuing unsubstantiated statements there was massive fraud in the 2020 election. These statements are made with little proof offered. (What little proof that has been offered has been widely debunked.)

There are some very significant facts that indicate the election was legitimate. Former President Trump’s ratings at the end of his term, according to a Gallop poll, were one of the lowest end-of-term ratings for a President in modern US history. 

In addition, the former President’s claim of problems with voting machines is strongly debunked by the settlement between Dominion Voting Systems and Fox News. Do you think Fox News would have paid Dominion Voting Systems $787.5 million if there were significant problems with the Dominion voting machines?

That is my long vent! As I write this it appears some of that Goof Gas may have drifted over to the US Supreme Court. There is a ruling out regarding presidential immunity……