It is really sad that our Country’s debt was downgraded by S&P. What makes this exceptionally frustrating is we could see this coming and were not able to do anything about it.

I wrote an article entitled “U.S. Government Spending – A Crisis Coming” in November of 2009.
We included this article in our firm newsletter and I sent it to several newspapers. In addition I sent this article to 4 politicians, a democrat and republican in charge of a federal deficit reduction plan and to Doc Hastings and Jay Inslee (two of our Washington State U.S. House members).

The only response received to my 2009 submitted articles was an automated e-mail return notification of acceptance from Jay Inslee’s office.

I am getting more cynical and beginning to think all politicians are either idiots or totally inept at getting anything done. My wife tells me from time to time, I need to calm down. She’s right but I keep writing and hope someone with some common sense will come along and lead our great nation out of the poor house.


My recent writing was recognized by the Tri-City Herald:

Please do not become complacent. Write to your congressman, call them, talk with your friends, write articles to the news media, support term limits, and study the candidates for the upcoming election. Our current legislators are not getting things done and, unless things quickly change, should be sent home.