There is so much to learn about aviation and so many different types of aircraft! I took the photo of this radial engine biplane thinking it was a Pitcairn.


The tail reveals a different aircraft.

The wonders of the Internet and Google! The tail number and a Google search provide detail of the origin of this aircraft.

This aircraft is a 1929 Travel Air E-4000. The Travel Air Company was formed in January 1925 in Wichita, Kansas. They started with a 900 square foot factory and six employees growing to 650 employees and a state-of-the-art aircraft production facility.

The first owner of this Travel Air was Bill Shank, one of America’s first civilian airmail pilots. This aircraft is in regular flight service at the EAA’s Pioneer Airport for those wanting a special treat.

About 1,800 Travel Airs were built in less than 5 years. This aircraft is owned by the EAA Aviation Museum (well worth the visit if you find yourself in beautiful Wisconsin).