It is said that with most hellos also come an eventual goodbye. This goodbye can take many forms and certainly be emotion packed. Take a child to leave home to set out on their own. They may know its time and you, as a parent also likely know it is time. That does not make it any easier but change is part of life.

Our youngest child set out on her own today headed to El Paso on a road trip with a very good friend, her cat, and a car full of stuff.

We have seen her leave home before, as she spent 4 years going to college at WSU only to return for summer break, holidays or just some home time. This time is different.

We do not know when she will return and that room of hers will never be the same. Do not take a single minute of life for granted and give your kids a big hug. Before you know it they will be spreading their wings. We love you Katie!