Oct 21

Salmon Fishing on the Columbia

This has been an incredible season for fishing on the Columbia! I have been very fortunate to be able to fish a number of times this year, thanks to a great fisherman who has taken me out a number of times on his boat. Thanks Paul!

Today was a great day! We put in at Ringold and caught our limit in Chinook salmon by 1:00 this afternoon. Fresh BBQ salmon is wonderful!

The Tri-Cities is so fortunate to have such great fishing so close!

Jul 10

The Economist & The Space Station

I have read The Economist for quite some time and enjoy their independent analysis of politics, business, and government. The publication struck a nerve with me in an article included in their July 2nd to 8th, 2011 issue.

The article entitled, “The end of the Space Age” professed that the International Space Station was the biggest waste of money that has ever been built in the name of science. Continue reading

Jun 12

Government Enables Financial Irresponsibility

I read a recent article from Bloomberg’s Business Week about the residential real estate problems in Las Vegas entitled “Foreclosure Hits Las Vegas’s High End”.

Residential real estate valuations have been rapidly dropping and home owners (even those who can afford to continue to make the payments) are letting their houses go. Some enter short sales, others just move out regardless of their ability to pay their mortgage and let the banks foreclose. Should this be allowed without repercussions for those who can still afford their home? Continue reading