Cures for the Good Old USA

We see our great country, at the direction of our elected officials, continue to make mistake after mistake. You begin to wonder if anyone in Washington DC (either party) has a brain.

We still have the greatest country on earth and much to be proud of but we need to make some serious changes.

One action, in my humble opinion, that would provide significant benefit would be to do away with all political action committees. The amount of money they spend to influence legislation for their specific cause is insane.

I am now strongly in favor of term limits. We have a bunch of idiots governing our country and all they do well is argue. It is time to send our current lot home. 15 trillion in debt…….come on!

One last suggestion. I am not much for government regulation but lets limit the amount of political campaign time and also limit the amount of money that can be spent on any single campaign.

As the 2012 primary and general elections finally get closer, the only thing worse than the campaign ads we will hear might be the drug ads!

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