Jan 13

Katie Gets Engaged

Our daughter Katie Anne got engaged to Darien Robinson on New Years Eve. We welcome Darien to the family!

Darien is a graduate of WSU (go Cougs) and currently in the Army attending BOLC (Basic Officer Leaders Course) at Fort Benning in Georgia. 

Darien and Katie met at WSU on a blind date back in September of 2014. 

Darien likes the Seahawks, Star Wars, and all things outdoors. His first tentative assignment, after completing BOLC, will be at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. Katie plans a move to El Paso and will work towards teacher certification in either New Mexico or Texas.

Feb 08

The Best Life Lesson

I was working the other day and received a text message from my daughter Katie who is a freshman at WSU. Katie had just met an astronaut and she was very excited!


The astronaut is John Herrington, who has earned multiple degrees including a PhD, is a Navy Cadet, Navy aviator, and test pilot. He was a mission specialist on STS 113 and has space walked.

John is a Native American and was the first in his family to go to college. His first year he got a 1.75 GPA and was kicked out of college. He went back, after working a low paying job, determined to be successful.

Katie tells me in her text, “Just really shows you can do anything you put your mind to.”

Thanks to Mr. Herrington for sharing his amazing life story and having such an impact of my daughter!

Feb 08

Brandon’s Adventure

My stepson has just returned to the states from a two-month job assignment in Africa. He has had the opportunity to do some traveling in prior years. He spoke highly of the people in Africa he got to meet. Provided below are some of the pictures from his trip. The giraffe kiss may have been more than he bargained for. Welcome Home Brandon!

Brandon and the Rhino

I got you covered!



Aug 18

About my Dad

I recently wrote an article on my dad highlighting some of the changes in his long career in public accounting. The article is entitled “An Inspiring CPA’s Career” and his story really is amazing. I thought you might want to read it and have included it in this post.

An Inspiring CPA’s Career 

“The Big Guy”

Robert E. Marple was born in Eastern Washington State  and grew up on a small farm. Some of the difficulties experienced with his farm chores and barley farming convinced him that grain farming in the Palouse area of Washington State, was not for him.

It was off to Washington State College (now Washington State University) where he initially pursued a degree in music. He also played a clarinet in a Big Band and wrote music to make some extra money and it appeared music would be his future.

This changed when a music professor was playing a few notes on a piano and asked him to sing the notes. It was a defiant “no” to that singing request, out the door of that classroom, and a change to accounting as a major (Bob was already taking an accounting course and liked it and liked math too).

Bob graduated cum laude with a BA in business from Washington State College, and after serving in the Korean War (seeing active duty) he began his accounting career in 1952 with Niemi Holland & Scott in Kennewick, Washington.

There were no computers, faxes, or copy machines but there was a 10 key adding machine (it only added) and a Marchaunt calculator that was used separately for division.

At his first firm, tax returns were prepared manually in pencil then typed with carbon copy. Prior to typing, the pencil copy was proofed by another CPA. If any errors were found, the preparer had to put 25 cents in a fund that was used for a party after April 15th.

Bob made $325 per month when he first started and clients were charged around $10 for a fairly simple individual income tax return at this time.

After 60 years of practice, Bob has not slowed down much. He still works full-time and can often be found in his office on weekends. He has maintained his long-term client relationships and also serves as a wealth- source of information and experience for the other 5 CPAs who work in the firm he founded.

Bob’s favorite thing about his 60 years in practice has by far been his association with clients and the great relationships developed over those years. “There have been many great relationships over my 60 years, having done work now for up to three family generations for some businesses.”

He has also enjoyed seeing businesses succeed and grow over the years.  One business client, in particular, started out in the 1960’s in a single office in a manufactured home and has grown to an industry heavy-lift leader now doing business all over the world. (“The family generations of this business have treated my wife and I like family.”)

In addition to work, Bob still finds time to get in 18 holes of golf three days a week and often shoots his age.

This article was written by Robert D. Marple, and along with other brother Steven J. Marple, currently practice with their father in the firm of Marple & Marple. “Our father has been a real inspiration to us and continues to impress us.”